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GUEST AUTHOR: Get Frosty with Tara Quan

I'm always happy when a familiar face pops by to say hello. Help me welcome Tara Quan, who has a special price for her readers, just in time for the season.

Nice to see you again, Tara!

With the holidays upon us there are troves of books to curl up with by the fireplace. My paranormal romantic comedy goes great with mulled wine and cinnamon cookies. Part of Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand line, Frosty Relations features a young college graduate facing the complicated world of adulthood and confronting the frost mage she’s had a crush on for most of her life. Add some Christmas magic and Madame Eve’s renowned matchmaking service, and we’ve got the beginnings of an icy-hot love story.

In keeping with the holiday spirit, my publisher has discounted the book to $0.99 for a limited time on Amazon and ARe (the sale ends December 14, 1015). I’m also giving away a $10 gift card. To enter, leave a comment here and drop your details in the Rafflecopter widget either at the bottom of this post, or at this landing page on my website:


Frosty Relations

Attorney Jack Frost never understood why holidays did weird things to people. His secretary went on vacation, his best friend ditched their annual Aspen trip, and the law firm’s stubborn human resources assistant refuses his clerical support request. What’s a warlock to do on Christmas Eve but go on a 1-Night Stand? But when an oddly familiar empath shows up as his date, this ice mage has a hard time denying the magic of the winter solstice.

Faced with an anemic employment market and financial woes, college graduate and former witch Mina Mao lands an HR assistant job at Frost and Sons. Having spent her day saving Christmas from Frost Junior’s Grinch-like behavior, she accepts the gift of Madame Eve’s service and heads over to the Castillo Capital. When her date turns out to be her childhood crush and workplace nemesis, she braces herself for the sexiest icy ride of her life.  

Genre: Paranormal Romantic Comedy, Interracial/Multicultural

Limited Time Sale – Get it for $0.99 at Amazon or AllRomance

“So the guy seriously had a boner? That’s so messed up.”

Mina rolled her eyes at their joint reflection. “I know, right? And since I’m an empath, I could sense him getting, you know, all hot and bothered. Whoever he was fantasizing about, she turned him on big time. I don’t know how he could think about sex when he’s on the verge of exploding from too much unused magic. ”

Sweets snorted. “Men—warlocks or human—they care about one thing.” She picked up a handful of Mina’s hair. “Ready?”

Mina swallowed. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Using the scissors, Sweets pointed at the set of combs and razors peeking out from a battered leather sleeve. “Can’t you feel the mojo rolling off my grandmother’s enchanted tools? These babies are idiot proof.”

Since not even her cousin could squeeze her in after 3:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Mina’s options had been limited enough to make her take a gamble. “But you have done this before?”

Patting her shoulder, Sweets bent at the waist and squinted one eye. “I cut Shelley’s hair all the time. She hates leaving the house, remember? Okay, yours is too long. You need to stand so I don’t get a backache.”

This idea seemed worse by the minute. Rising to her feet, Mina made a pinching motion with her index finger and thumb. “All I need is for you to take off the ends—nothing fancy.”

Her friend’s mock salute didn’t bolster Mina’s confidence. “Your hair is safe with me. Your head is another story.”

Mina closed her eyes. “Very funny. Do it already, will you? The anticipation is killing me.”

She heard a snip, followed by “Oh, wow.”

Her lids snapped up. “What do you mean, ‘Oh, wow’?”

She saw the answer for herself. Scissors and razors slashed around unguided in the air, slicing off huge chunks of her tresses in the process. Her friend stood several steps away, staring at the spectacle as if seeing the phenomenon for the first time. Since moving risked impact with pointy magical objects, Mina glared at the culprit’s reflection in the mirror. “I thought you said you’d done this before.”

Sweets’s expression lacked any hint of guilt. “Okay, I lied. Shelley’s grandmother is the actual owner of these puppies, and she always uses them on herself in the bathroom. Since her hair turns out fine, I figured they’d work on you, too.”

Her hands fisting, Mina hissed, “How do you turn the darn things off?”

About Tara Quan

Globetrotter, lover of languages, and romance author, Tara Quan has an addiction for crafting tales with a pinch of spice and a smidgen of kink. Inspired by her travels, Tara enjoys tossing her kick-ass heroines and alpha males into exotic contemporary locales, paranormal worlds, and post-apocalyptic futures. Her characters, armed with magical powers or conventional weapons, are guaranteed a suspenseful and sensual ride, as well as their own happily ever after. Learn more at

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GUEST AUTHOR: Sofia Grey's Temporary Fix

Happy release day to Sofia Grey, who was kind enough to drop by and share a sneak peek at her brand, spanking new release!


Although this is part of the Love at the Beach world, it is a standalone read.

Book title: His Temporary Fix (a Love at the Beach novella)
Author: Sofia Grey
Publisher: Entangled Select
Genre: Contemp military romance




Holly Jacobs loses her heart a little too easily. Never again. But when she meets the sexy soldier on the beach, Holly knows she's in big trouble. Zack Winter is gorgeous and in pain, and when he kisses Holly, all of her resolve melts away...

Zack is on short-term leave to attend a funeral, and he's walking a fine line. The loss is unbearable...and he'll do whatever it takes to distract himself from it. Especially if it means a night of searingly-hot sex with Holly Jacobs. Only his brilliant idea isn't exactly going according to plan.

One night isn't nearly enough. But if it goes much longer it might end in broken hearts…


I ran the few yards, shouting “Gwen, Lily, heel.” They ignored me. By the time I reached him, the guy had sat up, a dazed expression on his face. He looked young, not much older than me, with dark eyes in a tanned face and what I figured was several days’ worth of rough stubble. Hot in a rugged, edgy way.
He tugged off the cap and ran a wet hand through short dark hair, and I caught a glimpse of dogtags on his chest. His gaze flicked up to me, and the breath caught in my throat. I’d expected to see anger, but instead, he looked lost.
Dropping to a crouch by his side, I tried to grab the girls before they did further damage. “I am so sorry.” Gwen barged into me, the force knocking me forward onto my knees and almost into his arms. Could I be any more embarrassed? “They don’t normally behave like this.” I grabbed at their collars, but they danced out of reach. Of course. “They must like you.” Jesus, how lame. I cringed when the words left my mouth, but it drew a hint of a smile from him.
“I guess.” He shoved at the wet sand and scrambled to his feet, then held out a hand to me. It would have been rude to refuse, so I let him help me up. His grip was strong and sure, albeit wet and sandy, and I tried not to stare at his sodden trousers. Lift your eyes, Holly. Muscles were clearly defined under his T-shirt, and the jacket did little to hide the breadth of his shoulders.
I focused on catching the dogs and managed to grab Lily on her next pass. Before she could wriggle free I clipped the chain to her collar. Now for Gwen, always the rebel. “I’m sorry,” I repeated into the silence. “I had no idea they’d do that. Are you okay?”
I got the distinct impression he wasn’t listening. He glanced first at his hand, then at his boots. “It’s gone,” he mumbled. “I’ve fucking dropped it.” He hunkered down and swished around in the shallow water. “Help me. I can’t lose it.”
Holding Lily securely, I bent down beside him. “What are we looking for?”
“A bracelet.”
I peered into the water. The light was fading fast, and our chances of finding anything were slim at best, but I caught a glimmer of something near my foot. I swooped to grab it before the next ripple shifted the sand, and my fingers closed around smooth metal. A silver link bracelet with blue stones and a flat silver plate with a name engraved. I squinted to read it. Marie?
“This one?” I held out the piece of jewelry and even in the semidarkness I saw his eyes light up and a smile break out across his face. Wow. I thought he was hot before, but he was actually gorgeous.
“Thank you.” He closed his fist around it and held it close to his chest. Marie must be his girlfriend. Or wife. Even a baby daughter. My imagination ran riot.
“It’s very pretty. Does that say Marie?” I should have slunk away at that point, but the desolation that flooded his eyes kept me locked in place.
“Marnie.” It was just a whisper. He swallowed hard. “Her name was Marnie.”
There’s always that moment where you have to make a choice. To walk away or to get involved in someone’s problems, and God knew, I’d been tangled in too many people’s issues already. But how could I walk away? He looked as though his entire world had crashed down around his feet. I’d beat myself up for it later, but right now, I had to stay. “That’s a beautiful name. Your girlfriend?” Was. He said her name was Marnie, my subconscious shrieked. Past tense.



Trailer link:


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Author bio:



Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males. She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths. When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters’ flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings.


Music is interwoven so tightly into my writing that I can’t untangle the two. Either I’m listening to a playlist on my iPod, have music seeping from my laptop speakers, or there’s a song playing in my head – sometimes on auto-repeat.


Check out the playlist for His Temporary Fix on Spotify:


Read the first chapter here:


For a chance to win any ebook from Sofia's backlist AND a swag bundle, leave your details in this Google form. One name will be drawn on the 31st October, and yes, she will send swag worldwide :)


What reviewers are saying about His Temporary Fix:


One sentence in and these characters drew me into their world, and had me hanging on every word. Their touching story captured my heart. – Misty

This was a very enjoyable quick read.  – Betty

I do love reading novella's for a quick fix, a quick pick-me-up, in between long novels. When they can pack emotion, connection with the characters, a great plot and storyline into less than 120 pages, well, that leaves me very satisfied and wanting to read more by the author. His Temporary Fix gave me all that and then some.   – Lee

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GUEST AUTHOR: Ashlynn Monroe gets Spirit Bonded!

When you've been deceived your entire life and everyone suddenly wants to use you for their own purposes, how do you know who to trust? 

Annika thought not knowing her parents was rough, but knowing the truth is even worse. She has always felt out of touch with everyone around her. Since she was a teenager, she's seen impossible things. When she's suddenly attacked by shadowy creatures, the truth come out, and it changes her life. It appears Annika has an out-of-this-world destiny, and if that wasn't crazy enough, she's beginning to accept the fact she's an alien. 

It helps that she has some friends to see her through. Cas, her best friend, is bitter that in the chaos he lost his birthright to be her magical protector, Jai is crazy and trying to make his death wish a reality, and Mikol is…hers. Her guardian is the only part of her insane new life that makes sense. The feelings growing between them are forbidden. But rules don't stop Annika from wanting more than his ability to shield her from the darkness. When Annika is with her hot-as-hell bodyguard she knows what it is to really be human. 

Can she save a distant planet from a tyrannical ruler and find a way to be with the man she loves? 

Content Warning: contains sex scenes and some violence 


“Forgive me,” Mikol spoke softly. The sensuality in the way he said the words brought a moan from her lips.

Heat filled her cheeks as she struggled to control her reaction to him. Horrified, she couldn’t meet his eyes. Having him near her was amazing. The strange contentment radiating from Mikol was suddenly euphoria. She never wanted him to leave her again. The weirdness reminded her of hearing a troubled classmate describing getting high when they were freshmen. This sensation was like being high on Mikol.

He moved closer and knelt beside her bed. He was so large and male that he seemed out of place in her pink sanctuary. He tilted her face up so that she gazed into his big brown eyes. Annika bit her lip. Her breathing came out in erratic little pants. She wanted to lean forward and kiss him. He pulled away enough that she realized she was moving toward him unconsciously and stopped.

“The creature who attacked you was an assassin sent to kill you. They know you’re here and they’re strong enough to cross the portals. Your spirit—what makes you Annika, and gives life—was almost consumed.” He paused as his tongue darted out and moistened his lips. He took a deep breath. “We have to go. Your parents understand it’s time to run. You were never destined for this world. Greatness, beyond anything Earth can offer, awaits you.”

Drama much? She blinked several times, waiting for him to crack a smile or for someone to jump out and shout “gotcha”. But he wasn’t kidding. No one could say something so wild and keep a straight face for this long unless they were serious.

“I don’t understand,” she answered, and scrubbed a hand down her face.

He touched her cheek with such tenderness her eyes watered. “You will, in time all will become clear.”

There was incredible comfort in the way his fingers ran down her cheeks. He wiped away the moisture from her eyes with the pads of his thumbs as he cradled her chin.

The soft shushing sound he made reminded her of how someone might comfort a child, but his countenance promised that wasn’t how he saw her. Attraction. The emotion hit her as if someone had thrown it at her. Somehow, she knew he was feeling it and so was she.

“Close your eyes and breathe with me,” he ordered.

She closed her eyes, and he touched her chin. He pressed his index fingers lightly against her temples. They breathed in and out. Her heartbeat synchronized with his. She didn’t question it. Mikol calmed her.

“There are many things you will learn, but for now I need you to trust me. Can you trust me?”

How could she not when his voice was compelling her to? She didn’t like this. Somewhere deep in her rational mind, she knew his calming her was wrong and he was messing with her head.

“Stop,” she pleaded as she opened her eyes to look at him.

He ran the tip of his index finger over her lip. She noticed the tattoo around his eye seemed to glow. “If only I could. Come, there is clothing for you in the bathroom. I know it looks strange, but you must get dressed. Our time is running short.”


Ashlynn Monroe has been dreaming up stories all her life. She started to put them on paper at thirteen, but it wasn’t until she was thirty that she decided to share them with others.  She’s a busy mom with a full time job, fantastic friends, and a unique sense of humor.  She’s just a regular girl who’s in love with the idea of happily-ever-after.  She’s honored to be multi-published by some of the best electronic publishers in the industry.  Ashlynn survives each day by dreaming up her next tale of romance.

Visit my website at


Beachwalk Press:

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Cover Reveal!

This holiday season, I'm excited to rerelease Christmas Spirits, an African American paranormal romance that gives life to the Baoule legend of spirit lovers.

I stumbled upon the tale of spirit lovers several years ago while reading an old encyclopedia Mom bought me from a yard sale when I was in high school. The picture depicting a wooden figurine caught my attention...and the rest is history!

Stay tuned for more exciting information on this revamped Christmas novella, available for pre-order now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Check out the hot cover below.

Kia Mays has little time for anything as her lifelong dream of being a fashion designer comes to fruition. For Christmas, she takes time out of her busy schedule to visit her family in Georgia where her beloved grandmother, Naya, reveals a secret of her Baoule heritage.

In Baoule, located on the Ivory Coast of Africa, the people believe in spirit lovers, which you are separated from at birth. Tedros, Kia’s lover from the spirit world, appears to her and reveals that he is there to assist her in finding a mortal lover.

Elliot Melton, the brother of Kia's new sister in law, is also invited to share the season with the family. With the help of a meddling grandmother and an otherworldly spirit, Elliot and Kia soon find out that Christmas is the best time to fall in love.

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Shore to Please

I'm super stoked to have Annette Mardis here with me today. She's sharing her Gulf Shore Series, and as someone who loves the beach, I'm always happy to see her lovely covers and exciting snippets. Enjoy!

Meet Paul “Flipper” O’Riley


Thanks so much for hosting me today, Christy. I’m thrilled to introduce everyone to the hero of Shore to Please, Book 3 in my Gulf Shore series, set for release June 22 by Liquid Silver Books. Flipper is the head dolphin trainer at Gulf Shore Aquarium, the jewel of the tourist district in the west-central Florida beach town of Gulf Shore.

Flipper sets hearts aflutter when he dons a wet suit and interacts with his finned friends at the aquarium’s Dolphin Inlet habitat. But animal rights activist Tara Langley isn’t happy that Flipper sets her pulse to pounding, too. After all, the group she cofounded, Stop Whale and Dolphin Suffering, SWADS for short, is against keeping dolphins in captivity. If she had her way, the job Flipper loves would be rendered obsolete.

Flipper and Tara are a classic case of fire and gasoline. Why, then, are they both itching to strike a match?

I sat down with Flipper recently for a very revealing interview.

Q. I have to tell you that I’m puzzled you’re even considering spending private time with Tara Langley. What could you two possibly have in common?

A. Well, we both love dolphins, for starters. Yes, we disagree on a very controversial issue, and it’s obviously a huge stumbling block because of what I do for a living. But she has a right to express her opinion, as long as she continues to do it in a respectful way.

Q. You weren’t always so open-minded where she’s concerned. What changed your mind?

A. My boss will kill me if he finds out I said this, but I can’t get the woman out of my head. There’s just something about her. I mean, it’s obvious she’s gorgeous and very sexy. But she stirs something in me that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Not since...well, that’s in the past, and I’d rather not talk about it.

Q. You mentioned your boss, Kenshin Hamasaki. I hear you two haven’t been getting along so well these days. Didn’t you two used to be good friends?

A. At one time, yes. But he’s been a real jackass lately, especially after he found out I had lunch with Tara at the aquarium’s Shoreline Cafe. It didn’t seem right that both Kenshin and Wesley Coffey, Jr., the director of our aquarium, have ignored her repeated requests for a meeting. I thought if I sat down and talked to her that maybe it would allay some of her concerns about our dolphins.

Q. You can understand, though, why your supervisors don’t want you spending time with her, can’t you? Isn’t she the enemy?

A. Forgive me for being so blunt, but it’s nobody’s business but my own who I associate with away from work as long as I’m not hurting anyone or breaking any laws. Ken has some misguided idea that I’m going to spill inside information. I’d never do that. And I’ve never given the people I work with any reason to doubt my loyalty. As for Tara being the enemy, I felt that way at first—until I got to know her a little bit. Now I want to know everything about her. I strongly suspect that prim exterior she clings to hides a really passionate soul, and I want to be the one to expose it. Oh, hell, did I really just say that? I’ll be lucky to keep my job once this interview appears online. But I’m not going to sit here and deny how I feel.

Q. Tara’s not the only critic of Gulf Shore Aquarium’s policies as they relate to marine mammals. What’s the deal with these threatening letters the aquarium’s been getting?

A. The anti-captivity contingent has had us in its sights for a while, especially since the controversy over SeaWorld and its killer whales. But lately some anonymous notes have been arriving in the mail, and the language has been increasingly nasty. And then I came home from work to find a message nailed to the door of my cottage. Taking issue with us keeping dolphins is one thing. But threatening bodily harm to me and other aquarium staff unless we release those animals... Some people are really sick, that’s all I can say about that. Detective Jo Tompkins of the Gulf Shore Police Department has been working very hard to track down the source of these threats. She hasn’t made any arrests, but I’m confident she’ll find the guilty party before someone gets hurt.

Q. Wow. I didn’t realize things had gotten that serious. Are you taking any precautions to protect yourself?

A. I imagine we’ll be ramping up security at the aquarium. And I’m considering applying for a concealed carry gun permit.

Q. Be careful, Flipper, and stay safe. One last question, because I know you need to get back to helping that adorable orphaned dolphin calf, Trident, get acclimated to his new surroundings. What’s the latest on Dani and Evan’s wedding plans? Are they getting married in Dani’s Missouri hometown like her mother wants? Or will they follow their hearts and exchange their vows on a moonlit beach behind the aquarium?

A. I’m the best man, so I’ll be there no matter where the wedding is held. But I really hope Dani doesn’t let her mother pressure her into anything. Dani and Evan deserve to have the wedding of their dreams, not anyone else’s.


Shore to Please excerpt

Paul “Flipper” O’Riley backed away from the note as if he expected it to somehow lunge at his throat. The outrage, disgust, and, yes, he’d admit it, fear he felt at reading the vile threats composed on the single page of common white printer paper had his stomach roiling ominously.

The letters of each word had been cut from what looked like a glossy magazine and glued on like a ransom note from a classic crime drama. If the message hadn’t been so loathsome, Flipper might’ve laughed at how cartoonish it looked.

But the warning had been nailed to the front door of the cottage he rented across the street from the beach, and that in itself represented an alarming development. It meant, of course, that the animal rights crusaders who’d been hounding Flipper’s employer now knew where he lived.

With a hand he fought to keep from shaking, he drew his cell phone out of the case attached to his belt, scrolled through his contacts, and pressed a familiar number. It rang several times before the person on the other end answered with an impatient huff.

“Jo?” Flipper asked. “Is that you?”

“No, it’s the queen of England. What do you want?”

Joanna Tompkins’ characteristic grumpiness and brusque manner usually amused him, but Flipper wasn’t in the mood for her tough-chick act right now.

“I’ve got something here at my place that you need to see. Can you come over?”

“How many times do I have to tell you, Fish Brain? Even if you show me yours, I’m not going to show you mine. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.” She gave a chuckle that he didn’t appreciate, given the circumstances.

“Hilarious, but I’m serious. Another of those nasty notes came, and this one’s even more personal than the others.”

Jo’s tone immediately changed into her no-nonsense cop voice. “It mentioned you specifically by name?”

“No, but it’s nailed to my front door.”

“At your cottage?” She sounded even more concerned now.


“Don’t touch it. I’ll be right over with a tech to dust for fingerprints.”

“I know the drill. I’m hanging up now and calling Kenshin.”

“See if he can meet me at your place. That’ll save me a trip to the aquarium.”


“And if you’re still on your doorstep, haul your happy ass inside right now and lock the door until I get there.”


“Did you call me for help or not?”

“All right, all right. You’re the boss.”

“And don’t you forget it.”

Wary now, Flipper looked around before doing as she ordered. Then he called his boss, Kenshin Hamasaki, supervisor of marine mammals at Gulf Shore Aquarium, and filled him in. Kenshin promised to drop what he was doing and be right over.

Flipper looked around his cozy living room—with its bland, impersonal furnishings straight from the rental property decorators’ manual—and then moved to his front windows to fully close the mini blinds. He wasn’t too proud to acknowledge Jo’s admonition had freaked him out, and he was too antsy to sit. Not that he’d feel safe settling onto either the loveseat or his favorite recliner, both near windows. He yanked his hand through his hair, annoyed with himself for letting the situation unsettle him and pissed off at whoever was disrupting his life this way.

Who would’ve thought being a dolphin trainer carried such potential for danger?


About the author

Annette Mardis writes the kind of contemporary romance novels that she loves to read. Her characters are the type of people you’ve worked with or lived next door to, and the plots are filled with the dramas, disappointments, joys, passions, and humor of everyday life. Her Gulf Shore series will transport you to a fictional coastal Florida town where you’ll taste the salt on your skin and feel sugary white sand between your toes, the warm sun on your shoulders, and the sea breeze ruffling your hair.

You’ll meet swoon-worthy alpha males who aren’t embarrassed to cuddle a rescued baby dolphin in their muscular arms, and accomplished women looking for an equal partner who thinks that smart is sexy. You’ll get up close and personal with sea life, join the “snipe and gripe” club for girls’ nights out, and fall in love with a parrot who acts like a little boy in a bird suit. You’ll go behind-the-scenes at the local aquarium and out to the beach to rescue marine animals in distress. And once you visit Gulf Shore, you just may find yourself wishing you could stay.

To find out more and Annette and her books, visit her website at She loves to stay in touch with her readers, so drop her a line and sign up for her e-mail list for a chance to win prizes and get a first look at covers and excerpts.


Buy the book



Connect with Annette

Twitter: @AnnetteMardis48


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Guest Author: Layne Macadam

I'm very happy Layne Macadam could drop by today and have a chat. Welcome to my blog, Layne!
Interview Questions
Thank you so much for having me today, Christy. 
Do you write in different genres?
Yes, I sure do. I write suspense, sci-fi, paranormal, and contemporary. Wolf on Wheels is the first book in my wolf shifter Heritage Series. Book 2 has some unexpected surprises.
Which is your favorite genre to write?
I like to stretch my imagination, but if I had to choose one, I’d say contemporary. Desire Unleashed is a contemporary suspense, and because it was my first published novel, it holds a special place in my heart. Desire Denied, Book 2 in the Desire Series was released April 6 and I’m currently working on Book 3.
How did you come up with the title for Wolf On Wheels?
Well, it was originally called Lara’s Wolf. It was the first thing that came to mind to save the file under. I never really warmed to it, though. The hero Caleb rides a motorbike, and I was trying to incorporate that into the title.
Do you title the book first or wait until after it’s complete?
A bit of both, really. All the books in the Desire Series had their titles before they were written. Obsession Down Under was originally called The Perfect Rose, and Star Crossed Lovers started out as Super Nova Princess. I try and title the books to reflect what’s inside and sometimes I don’t know that until the story is complete!
Is the book, characters, or any scenes based on a true-life experience, someone you know, or events in your own life?
I wish! Who wouldn’t love a gorgeous bike riding wolf shifter in their life? But alas, no, it’s purely fiction, although I do draw on my travel experiences for location at times.
What book are you reading now?
I’m currently reading Book 7 in the Outlander Series by Dianna Gabaldon. I love series because you get to know not only the main characters in detail but also the secondary characters. They kind of become like your family.
What is your current “work in progress” or upcoming projects?
I’m actually working on two books. Desire Rekindled, the third book in the Desire Series, and the second book in the Heritage Series as yet untitled. When I hit a brick wall with one, I put it aside and work on the other.
Can you share a little of your current work with us?
Sure I would love to. The following snippet is from Book 2 in the Heritage Series, as I said before, I’m yet to come up with a title!!
Camille Robineau darted between the trees as if her tail was on fire; the wind tousling her fur, and her feet kicking up clods of damp earth. Cody was in hot pursuit. Not that he would catch her. She could always outrun her twin even from when they were cubs. But this time—he was livid.
Thoughts of his anger increased her speed, and the wind amplified right along with it. The velocity had picked up and it howled with menace. The farther she ascended Mt Robson the colder it grew, and a shiver ran through her. If Cody didn’t back off soon, she’d have to spend the night. That prospect held no joy. As a rule she loved sleeping in the open, but she was hungry, having missed lunch, and in no mood to hunt. She paused on a rocky outcrop and lifting her muzzle, looked up at a leaden sky. Heavy bellied gray clouds sagged on the treetops, and the clusters of birds huddled on the lower branches were an omen. Damn it, snow was in the air.

“Can I be of assistance?” he asked stepping off the machine, his lips curving upward and his grin broadening as he flashed his pearly whites.

“Ah thanks, I’m not sure what’s wrong. Betty complains a lot, but she’s never let me down.”

“My car. I have this terrible habit of naming everything.” She giggled. Her laughter was a deep throaty chuckle that slid over his skin in a smooth

caress. It was an infectious sound, and he joined in remembering how she’d given names to Nora, and him.

“It suits her,” he said opening the door for her to step out.

Her smile widened at his gesture, and her green eyes twinkled with flecks of gold. She was a vision of loveliness. His heart constricted, and his body tensed at her nearness. It was a confronting feeling, but not one he disliked.

She glanced around him her eyes settling on the bike parked near the car. “I love your bike. Nicer than a Harley, in my humble opinion.”

“Thanks, yeah it is kind of cool.” It was also cool they had something human in common. The bike was a CTG 1200 with tall chrome handlebars and chrome muffler. The petrol tank was black with the CTG logo, a wolf’s face, red eyed with lips drawn back and teeth bared. His grandsire, Cyrus Thomas Grayson, started the company, and the family had been manufacturing bikes ever since. Over the last couple of decades the brand had elevated to a status similar to that of Harley Davidson. So much so there were only two types of true bikers, the Harley type, or the CTG type, and he was gratified she was the latter.

“Forgive me for asking, but did you remember to fill up?” It went against the grain to deceive her, but he was in a quandary. He had to meet her somehow and this was the best he could come up with on such short notice.

“Um, yes two days ago, but I’ve only been on short trips, so it couldn’t be that.”

Caleb took off his jacket. He wore it for effect not warmth, and to avoid awkward questions. His kind was immune to the elements. “Pop the hood and I’ll take

a look. I’m Caleb by the way. Caleb Grayson.”
“Lara Walker. Pleased to meet you.”
When she pushed her hand into his, a buzz shot up his arm and along his

veins. He almost howled with joy it felt so damn good. Her skin was silky and her scent alluring. When he released her fingers, his inner wolf wanted to pounce, bite her, mark her as his own, but he talked him down.

“Are you a local?” Her sexy voice sounded so good to his ears.
“Yep, I live farther up the mountain.”
Her arched brows drew together. “Tell me Caleb, do you ever see any

Her question was unexpected, and it made him grin. “Yeah, all the time.” Her index finger tapped against her bottom lip. “Hmm.”
She didn’t elaborate as she popped the release mechanism. He lifted the hood

and tinkered, feeling a fraud. “Any clues?”

“All looks fine here. Do you mind if I try and turn it over?”
Ginger curls swished from side to side as she shook her head. “Be my guest.” Caleb climbed into the driver’s seat and turned the key. The car tried to click

over but sputtered. He tried again with the same result.
“Out of fuel would be my guess, Lara.” He liked the way her name rolled off

his tongue. He liked what else he was going to do to her with his tongue.
“Oh blast, my fuel gauge has been playing up the last few months but I was

sure I had plenty of gas left.”
When her brow crinkled again he inhaled sharply. “It happens to the best of

us. Tell you what though, how about I run you down to the gas station at the foot of the mountain? We can fill a can, and I’ll have you back here and on the road in no time.”

She didn’t answer right away, which was good, at least she hadn’t rejected the idea straight up. Her gaze flicked toward the direction they’d come from. The emotions that crossed her face were easy to read as she weighed her options.

While he waited for her response his acute hearing detected the sound of an approaching vehicle. He wanted her answer before it reached them so gave her a prompt.

“I’ll be a proper gentleman, scouts honor.” His left hand went over his heart, and with his right, thumb holding little finger down, gave the traditional scout salute.

She dragged her eyes back and focused on his ink. Her message was clear. Could someone like him be trusted? A biker? His Wolf tattoo loomed large on his upper arm, and dressed as he was in low slung ripped denims and a tank top, with his black hair pulled back in a ponytail showing the large birthmark on his neck, he guessed he didn’t look the gentlemanly type. And although he’d always been disdainful of her kind, he ached for her to come to him of her own accord. There’d be no coercion, but she did need time to get to know him, love him, and he needed time to know her, love her.

They both turned as the sleek black Porsche pulled off the road and stopped beside them.

“I didn’t get very far,” Lara announced as the human male he recognized from before got out of the car.

“Yes, I can see that. Sorry I was so long, couldn’t escape.” Joe pulled a face and shrugged.

“Understandable, Molly loves a chat. Joe, this is Caleb, he lives farther up the

mountain and stopped to give me a hand. Joe and I just met at my sister’s earlier today,” she explained.

When Joe, stuck out his hand in the traditional human greeting, he wanted to crush it. He could smell the other man’s lust, and it enraged his inner wolf. Caleb’s silver-gray eyes flickered and narrowed, and the hairs on the back of his neck thickened and stood on end. “Calm yourself,” he instructed his inner wolf.

“He wants our mate. I will rip out his throat before I allow that to happen.” “Trust me, it won’t happen, but we can’t rush this—humans are not like us.” “Be warned, I will not wait forever.”
When his inner wolf retreated, Caleb shook the other man’s hand.


“I feel such a dork. Seems I ran out of gas.” Lara forced a smile as she made the explanation. When Joe’s Porsche pulled into the lay-by, rather than excitement at seeing him again it was disappointment she felt. She’d really wanted to throw her leg over the CTG and ride behind Caleb, and now felt robbed.

“Nonsense, it happens, and sometimes these old cars can be unpredictable. How about I drive you to the gas station, pick up enough fuel to get Betty moving, and then follow you back down.”

Her gaze swung from the well-dressed clean-cut graphic designer to the longhaired tattooed bad-boy biker. Both men were sexy and drop dead gorgeous, but it was on the biker that her gaze lingered. When he’d made the same offer earlier she’d been ready to accept. Even now, uncharacteristic lustful visions of her jumping onto the saddle behind him, gripping his hips and pressing her body hard up against his butt, his back, his thighs, entered her usually rational mind.

“So, what do you say?”

When Joe spoke, the image in her head disappeared like a puff of smoke in the wind, and she almost groaned at the loss.

“My offer still stands, you choose.” Caleb’s voice was upbeat, and when his lips pulled back into an engaging smile, her heart gave a little kick.

She ached to turn her vision into a reality, to feel the excitement of the wind in her face and him in her arms as they weaved down the mountain at speed, but it was her sensible inner voice that won out.

“Caleb, I can’t thank you enough for your help and your offer, but—” “Don’t sweat it. I get it—sensible choice.” The smile slid off his face.

Layne Macadam lives with her husband, two dogs and a cantankerous cat named Bob, on the beautiful east coast of Australia. She holds down a full-time job and has a degree in history.
Always an avid reader with a vivid imagination, writing romance seemed a natural progression for her.  After her first novel, a romantic suspense, was published in 2013 she decided to branch out and write different genres.
Her love of history has fueled her other passion, which is travel. Layne has been fortunate enough to have explored lots of this wonderful world we live in, and of course her travels have been a tremendous help when creating a backdrop for her stories. Her works include Desire Unleashed, Desire Denied, Obsession Down Under, Star Crossed Lovers, and Wolf on Wheels, Book 1 in her Heritage Shifter Series.