Monday, October 19, 2015

Cover Reveal!

This holiday season, I'm excited to rerelease Christmas Spirits, an African American paranormal romance that gives life to the Baoule legend of spirit lovers.

I stumbled upon the tale of spirit lovers several years ago while reading an old encyclopedia Mom bought me from a yard sale when I was in high school. The picture depicting a wooden figurine caught my attention...and the rest is history!

Stay tuned for more exciting information on this revamped Christmas novella, available for pre-order now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Check out the hot cover below.

Kia Mays has little time for anything as her lifelong dream of being a fashion designer comes to fruition. For Christmas, she takes time out of her busy schedule to visit her family in Georgia where her beloved grandmother, Naya, reveals a secret of her Baoule heritage.

In Baoule, located on the Ivory Coast of Africa, the people believe in spirit lovers, which you are separated from at birth. Tedros, Kia’s lover from the spirit world, appears to her and reveals that he is there to assist her in finding a mortal lover.

Elliot Melton, the brother of Kia's new sister in law, is also invited to share the season with the family. With the help of a meddling grandmother and an otherworldly spirit, Elliot and Kia soon find out that Christmas is the best time to fall in love.

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